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TV Channels

Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
CCTV News News English
CCTV News (中国中央电视台 英語新聞頻道) is an English news channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV Español News, Culture Spanish
CCTV Español (央视 西班牙语频道) is a Spanish Mobile TV channel of CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV Français News, Culture French
CCTV Français (央视 法语频道) is a French television channel of the CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV America News English
CCTV America is an English news channel run by China's CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV Arabic News, Culture Arabic
CCTV Arabic (CCTV-العربية / 央视 阿拉伯语频道) is an Arabic Mobile TV channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV Russian News, Culture Chinese
CCTV Russian (CCTV-Pусский / 俄语频道) is a Russian Mobile TV channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-1 General Chinese
CCTV-1 (央视 綜合頻道) is the primary channel of CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-2 News (Business) Chinese
CCTV-2 (央视 财经频道) is a business & financial news channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-3 Entertainment Chinese
CCTV-3 (央视 综艺頻道) is entertainment channel. (P2P software) Mobile LIVE

CCTV-4 General (International) Chinese
CCTV-4 (央视 中文国际频道) is an international Mobile TV channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-5 Sports Chinese
CCTV-5 (央视 体育频道) is a sports channel of CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-5+ (Sport Plus) Sports Chinese
CCTV-5+ (体育赛事频道) broadcasts sports events. (P2P software) Mobile LIVE

CCTV-6 Entertainment (Movies) Chinese
CCTV-6 (央视 电影频道) is CCTV's movie channel. (P2P software) Mobile LIVE

CCTV-7 Agriculture, etc. Chinese
CCTV-7 (军事·农业频道) is a military & agricultural channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-8 Entertainment (Drama) Chinese
CCTV-8 (央视 电视剧频道) is a drama channel. (P2P software) Mobile LIVE

CCTV-9 Documentaries Chinese
CCTV-9 (央视 纪录频道) is a documentary channel. (P2P software) Mobile LIVE

CCTV-10 Science, Education Chinese
CCTV-10 (央视 科教频道) is a science & education focused channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-11 Chinese Opera Chinese
CCTV-11 (戏曲频道) is the Chinese opera channel of CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-12 Law, Society Chinese
CCTV-12 (社会与法频道) is a law and society focused channel. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-13 News Chinese
CCTV-13 (央视 新闻频道) is a 24-hour news channel run by CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-14 Children Chinese
CCTV-14 (央视 少儿频道) is a children's channel run by CCTV. Mobile LIVE

CCTV-15 Music Chinese
CCTV-15 (央视 音乐频道) is a music channel. Mobile LIVE

The Travel Channel Travel Chinese
The Travel Channel (TCTC / 旅游卫视) is a travel information channel. Mobile LIVE

CNC World News English
CNC World (CNC英语台) is an English news channel based in Bejing. Mobile LIVE

CNC Chinese News Chinese
CNC Chinese (CNC中文台) is a Chinese-language news channel. Mobile LIVE

China Education Mobile TV Education Chinese
China Education Mobile TV (中国教育电视台) is an educational Mobile TV station. Mobile LIVE

Health Mobile TV Health Chinese
Health Mobile TV (健康卫视) is a health information channel based in Hong Kong. Mobile LIVE

Sinopec Mobile TV Petrochemical Info. Chinese
Sinopec Mobile TV offers oil refining and petrochemical information. Mobile LIVE

English Coaching Channel Education (English) Chinese, English
English Coaching Channel (英语辅导频道) is an English learning channel. Mobile LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
People's Republic of China

中华人民共和国 (Chinese)
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